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BedWars is a multiplayer PvP game originally from the Hypixel server in which teams fight to be the last standing.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

In BedWars, teams of 1–4 spawn on separate islands with a bed which they must protect. If their bed is destroyed, the players on that team can no longer respawn. The mineral spawner on each island spawns minerals which can be exchanged for items such as blocks or weapons. Diamond and emerald spawners are in the middle islands and take longer to spawn minerals. Players can also buy upgrades for their entire team using diamonds.

Hypixel BedWars[edit | edit source]

BedWars has remained the most popular minigames on the Hypixel server since it was added.

Hypixel BedWars has four modes, which are teams of one, two, three and four. A lot of cosmetics are available, such as projectile trails and final kill effects.